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Creator Commerce Program

The creator economy is a fast-growing segment made up of sellers, developers, and social & gaming content creators. Visa is investing in opportunities to help platform partners* to unlock the creator economy.

Whether you are a social platform looking to help creators generate commerce online, an enabler platform that helps creators get paid, a gaming platform launching in-game purchases, or a fintech supporting all of the above - the Visa Ready Creator Commerce Program could be right for you.

Visa can help you:

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Reasons to Join

Creator Payouts in thirty minutes or less

Help creators get paid fast - so they can focus on creating. By using Visa’s solution, platforms can enable their creators to receive near real-time payouts1 to their bank accounts through their eligible debit cards. 

  • Fast access to funds

    We spoke to some creators and 65% of surveyed creators said content creation is their primary form of income and 69% of surveyed creators said waiting for payouts slows their business growth2
  • Near real-time card payouts exist 

    93% of surveyed creators would switch platforms to access real-time payouts & 88% of surveyed creators would post more content on a platform that offers real-time payouts.And when we asked some creators, 99% said they would be willing to pay for access to near real-time payouts.2  
  • Secure and reliable payouts

    99% of surveyed creators said that a near real-time* payouts option provided by Visa would make them trust the payouts process more, while 96% of surveyed creators said that a Visa-powered solution would make them feel that their payouts are more secure2
  • Differentiate and scale globally

    65% of surveyed creators rank the ability to create for international audiences in the top 5 most important factors in choosing a platform2    Visa's payouts solution can be accessed in 180+ countries worldwide.

Tipping from Followers

Encourage and enable followers to tip and support creators globally. 

  • Address creator needs

    Creators are seeking various ways to engage fans and earn funds through tips, subscriptions, and other forms of creator support
  • Enable tipping globally

    Visa can help connect partners to platforms in order to enable tipping globally with Visa cards
  • Scale creator solutions

    As platforms enable creators to receive tips, Visa can provide support to help these platforms scale their solutions globally

Other Creator Commerce Solutions

Enable additional creator commerce solutions including secure checkout, user engagement solutions, and more.

  • Secure checkout

    Visa tokens and other solutions can enable platforms partners to provide secure checkout solutions that can help reduce fraud, remove friction, and optimize checkout for users 
  • Issue cards for creators

    Creator platforms can launch cards with Visa to help creators more easily access their funds
  • Card rewards for users

    Consumer facing platforms can launch card programs designed to engage users through rewards with every purchase or commerce activity 
  • Encourage creator growth

    Foster emerging creator growth through partnering with Visa on new programs (e.g. Visa’s NFT Creator Program) 

Visa Ready Creator Commerce Program Partner Types

Listed below are three partner types that this Visa Ready program is designed for: 


Consumer Facing Platforms

Multi-sided platforms that may commonly be recognized by consumers. These platforms may wish to enable Visa solutions like secure checkout, tipping support, and other consumer facing payments solutions.


Creator Enabler

Platforms dedicated to supporting creators. These platforms may wish to enable Visa solutions like Creator payouts (through tipping or other sources of funds), issuing creator cards*, and other creator facing payments solutions.


Platform Enabler

Platforms building the underlying infrastructure for consumer facing platforms or creator enabler platforms. These platform enablers may enable some or all of the above Visa solutions to support consumer or creator use cases.

Partnership Opportunites

Benefits of becoming a Visa Ready Creator Commerce partner

  • Creator Engagement
  • Provide creators tools to help grow their businesses on partner platforms and effectively scale into commerce.
  • Differentiation
  • Partners are able to provide innovative commerce capabilities to creators – e.g., income via tipping and native checkout.
  • Revenue diversification – find more ways to help grow your platform through new revenue streams.
  • Accessing Visa solutions can also help bolster a partner’s product stack and help them differentiate themselves in the market.
  • Exclusive commercial packages
  • Help manage costs with preferred pricing depending on solution and partner applicability.
Become a Partner

Benefits of working with Visa Ready Creator Commerce partners

  • Streamlined partner discovery
  • Help save time by connecting with participating partners.
  • Connectivity
  • Partners may be able to connect to various other partners and enablers through this program. Connecting and associating with Visa’s brand helps drive partnerships.
  • Fast implementation in commerce
  • Help get to market quickly by working with experienced partners in payments and commerce.
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Partner Approval Process

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Once you've signed a valid program agreement and after your solution is approved, Visa will work to onboard you as a Visa Ready Creator Commerce partner.

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