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Issuing payment credentials no longer needs to be tied to plastic cards. The ability to create a payment credential and enable its usage in real-time is a reality and often a requirement in today‚Äôs on-demand world. With Visa and our Visa Ready Partners, you can implement a Digital Issuance solution that fits you and your cardholders needs. 

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What is Digital Issuance?

There are typically four parts to a Digital Issuance Solution.


Beginning of the Digital Issuance experience including the application/request capturing and verification of the cardholder


The account creation and numeric generation for the cardholder


Activation of the numeric, then the provisioning or display of the card through a digital interface to the cardholder


Transaction and account management for the cardholder


Origination (Application and Verification)

Beginning of the Digital Issuance experience, including the application/request capturing and verification of the cardholder

Some examples include:

  • Online Applications
  • Real-time Application Approval

Onboarding (Account Creation and Numeric Generation)

The ability to create and maintain a Visa credential in real-time and provide for vendor or client use. Some examples include:

Some examples include:

  • Creating Debit, Credit, or Prepaid Account
  • PAN Generation
  • Token Support
  • Lifecycle Management

Enablement (Credential Activation and Delivery)

The ability to digitally enable a cardholder to make payments with a created Visa credential.  

Some examples include:

  • Push-Provisioning
    Cardholders have the ability to push a PAN into their mobile wallets or Card-on-file merchants using In-App provisioning solutions
  • Digital Card Display
    Displaying the full 16-digit PAN or Token, Expiration Date, and CVV2 for use on E-Commerce and other key-entered channels

Usage (Transaction and Account Management)

Cardholder transactions and account management

Some examples include:

  • Transaction Processing
  • Transaction Controls/Alerts
  • Account Management

Benefits of working with Visa Ready Digital Issuance partners

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Solution Discovery

Identifying the right partners to help build your Digital Issuance Solution

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Speed to Market

Get to market quickly by working with Visa Ready Partners that have experience with bringing Digital Issuance to life

How it Works - Looking for a Partner?


Review preferred partners in the Visa Partner Directory.

Find a Partner


Meet potential partners and determine product and partner fit. Leverage Visa Consulting and Analytics team to assist in this phase.


Contract directly with Visa partners


Integrate with partners to launch a Digital Issuance Solution

Benefits of Becoming a Visa Ready Digital Issuance Partner


The Visa partner directory provides greater exposure for your Digital Issuance solution(s)


Leverage Visa expertise on product, go-to-market strategyFaster implementation


Accelerate getting your solution quickly deployed and in market

Partner Approval Process


Contact us to Apply.

Join the Partner Program


Our team will review your application and contact you if additional information is required.


Once your application is approved, Visa will onboard you as a Visa Ready Digital Issuance partner and publish your details on the partner directory.

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