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Visa’s diverse token solutions can unlock benefits beyond the 16-digit account number — enabling better security, new services, richer data, and ultimately a better experience which can lead to higher revenue and lower costs.

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The digital transformation


Companies today are under extraordinary pressure to balance optimal consumer experiences with increased security, all while addressing the need to stay innovative. Potential benefits include:

  • Reduce risk of fraud and breach by replacing card numbers with a surrogate 16-digit number and unique cryptograms.
  • Higher authorization rates resulting from a system of trust built with richer data and authorized transactions
  • Issuer-provided card art can help reinforce brand and boost consumer confidence at checkout.

Visa tokens today and tomorrow

Rapid acceleration in connected devices are enabling payments to be made from anywhere—video game consoles, TV’s, appliances, cars or any device that has an internet connection. Tokenization remains one of the most successful ways that Visa uses to fight fraud by replacing sensitive card numbers with a token to enable more secure transactions. Due to lower security risk, tokens can be saved in places that would be too exposed for PAN, ensuring sensitive information stays private.

As digital shopping habits become more ingrained in our day to day lives, tokens will remain the driving force behind the future of secure, innovative payment experiences.

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3 Core digital payment tokenization programs

There are three programs to choose from. Each program is described below and available on your dashboard after you create an account. You can apply to one or more based on your certification needs.

Tokenization eCommerce and Card on File (card not present)

Online payments continue to suffer worse authorization rates compared to in-store. By eliminating PAN storage and transfer, Visa Tokens help reduce data breach, mitigate fraud and create a trusted environment which can improve authorization rates for digital transactions.

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Click to Pay (Visa Secure Remote Commerce)

Click to Pay was designed to deliver a fast, easy, and secure digital guest checkout experience by eliminating passwords and tedious form fill. By making the payment experience more streamlined and consistent across digital channels, we look to reduce cart abandonment and drive higher conversion.

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Tokenization - TSP (card present)

Whether it’s a mobile phone or other payment-enabled devices, Visa’s Tokens enable payments to be made with the wave of a hand. We're partnering with mobile wallets, device manufacturers, and platform providers to create a convenient, secure, and touch-free way to pay at point-of-sale.

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Partnership opportunities

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One of Visa’s Digital Payment programs might be for you if you are:

  • Are ready to build solutions to improve digital commerce

  • Have already built a solution and want Visa Ready's certification

  • Have a technology team ready to get access to standards and specifications for certification

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Work with a Visa Ready partner 

Working with a Digital Payment partner might be for you if you: 

  • Are a small merchant or startup eCommerce retailer who can't develop solutions on your own

  • Want a ready-made solution you can add to your consumer-facing experience

  • Want help from solution providers who have certified solutions ready to launch

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Program benefits

Merchants / Token Requestors

Create a safer, friction-free payment experience for your customers with increased authorization rates and added protection from fraud and data breaches.

Payment Service Providers - Gateways and Acquirers

Increase transaction volume and security across an ever-growing array of connected devices and digital payment trends while providing merchants optimized payment experiences.


Open the door to a suite of solutions that provide richer data and combats fraud with device-binding and consumer authentication.

Technology Partners

Visa’s Token platform offers a complete set of token management tools, interfaces and risk controls to help you deliver your own payment applications and gain access to third-party digital payment experiences.

Certification process

Create a Visa Partner account

Fill out the application and complete the program agreement. 

Get access to important specifications

Access to specialized solution documents and technical specification.

Tell us about your solution

Start the certification process by describing what your solution does and how it functions.

Test and certify your solution

Visa Ready will provide guidance and materials to help your solution meet the highest industry standards.

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Help future customers find your company and solution based on their needs.

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