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Expand your market portfolio to become a go-to partner for fintechs and big brands as they launch their card programs.

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Visa assesses regional and global issuer processors against a structured set of criteria relevant to fintechs and digital issuance programs.

Visa’s Issuer Processor program might be for you if you:

  • Host an API-driven platform

  • Are able to support a variety of emerging use cases, including real-time payments, alternative authorization flows, and multi-currency wallets

  • Can integrate with partners who are looking to move quickly 

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Working with an issuer processor might be for you if you: 

  • Are a fintech or financial institution looking to enable emerging use cases, such as digital cards 

  • Need a platform to facilitate credential issuance, authorizations, and processing

  • Want to leverage experienced enablers who are established in the payments ecosystem

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Benefits to getting Visa Ready Certified

Issuer benefits

  • Become a go-to partner for innovative payments players in the evolving payments landscape

  • Get access to Go-To-Market materials to support growth

  • Showcase your solution on the Visa Partner Portal, and demonstrate capabilities to clients

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Issuer Processors perform core payment functionalities, including

  • Creating and maintaining payments infrastructure

  • Managing transaction authorizations where needed

  • Provide a system of record and communicate with settlement entities

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To sponsor issuance programs, you need a Visa license.

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