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Get your point-of-sale (POS) solutions into the hands of merchants by ensuring your technology meets Visa's requirements for an optimal Tap to Pay POS acceptance experience. (*For providers with U.S. solutions only)

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Partnership opportunities

Work with a Tap to Pay partner

Working with a Tap to Pay partner might be for you if you: 

  • Are a merchant who wants to benefit from an already built secure checkout experience
  • Need POS solutions but can’t build them in-house
  • Want to leverage existing solution providers who are already established in the payments ecosystem
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The Visa Ready Tap to Pay program engages POS providers to offer Visa’s POS tap to pay experience via their solutions in accordance with Visa’s standards. Visa Ready’s Tap to Pay program might be for you if you are: 

  • A technology payment solution provider with contactless POS solutions available in the United States 
  • Have a contactless solution that provides an optimal Tap to Pay POS experience
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Program benefits

For U.S.-based partners

Visa Ready’s Tap to Pay certification is for any U.S. technology partner who is looking to provide POS solutions that deliver an optimal tap to pay experience.

Whether the technology is delivered through an integrated cash register system, middleware interface to a processor, or a payment gateway, our program will help you get that value added device in front of potential clients.

But don’t worry, the weight isn’t all on your shoulders. Visa will help you with:

  • The key interface rules and guidelines to help ensure consumers know when and where to tap for the best experience 

  • A consistent, improved payment experience that is fast and seamless

  • Go-to-market strategies with signage designed to drive more taps on average 

Certification process

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This gives you access to all programs on Visa Partner, including Visa Ready.

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We will review your application and compare it with our criteria.

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Learn detailed next steps and sign our program agreement.

Get access to important requirements and technical specifications

Access to specialized solution documents and technical specifications.

Upload required certification documents

Work with our labs to get necessary testing.

Receive solution approval decision

Share your solution details that will appear on our partner directory.

Get listed in our partner directory

Help future customers find your company and solution based on their needs.

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