Support and Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of commonly asked questions to help you get back to business

Registration and login

An account on Visa Partner also gets you access to Visa Developer APIs, Visa Partner programs, and Visa Online services. Please note, Visa Online does require additional validation before access is granted.

For any questions related to this website or your account, please reach out to [email protected].

Account Activation

If you didn’t receive the activation email, in some cases, the email might get caught in a spam filter. If it still hasn’t been received after 15 minutes, please visit our resend screen and enter the same email address you used to register your account.

Resend Activation Email

Email Notifications

If you are not receiving emails from us, in some cases, the email might get caught in a spam filter. Please check your spam, trash, and archived folders. It could also be that your company’s firewall security is blocking the emails. Besides that, you may also check your proxy setting, which could be blocking the email.

Account Lockouts

If you enter an incorrect password several times, and you can’t remember your challenge question answers, your account will be locked out and you will be forced to unlock your account. Please reach out to our support team. This will allow you to change your password through an email delivered to your inbox.

Email Support


While logging into your Visa Partner account, please make sure you are providing your email address as it was entered it in the system, using lowercase or uppercase for the exact characters. If that doesn't work, try changing your password.

Change Password

Account Disabled

If you haven't visited us in a while, your account may go into a disabled state. You will need to email us with the same email address you used to register, to re-enable.

Email Support

Program and Application FAQ

After the account creation, applying for a program requires usage of our forms tool. See below for answers to common questions.

My forms are not loading after login

Our system is integrated with a cloud-based solution that uses third-party cookies that some browsers may block. It may prevent your forms from loading.

To fix this, go to your Internet browser settings and allow the third-party cookies for the following domain:

Visa Ready Migration to Visa Partner FAQ

For more information on Visa Ready and its programs, please visit the program page.

For questions specific to the Visa Ready program, please reach out to [email protected]. account holders

All existing users of, Visa Ready’s legacy site, with registered accounts will continue to have access to Visa Partner. Upon first login to the new Visa Partner site, you might experience the following:

  • Answer/update challenge questions.
  • If the last login attempt was more than 90 days ago, you will be prompted to reset your password.

As a partner with a certified solution, you are not required to login upon the migration to the new Visa Partner site to continue to have a certified and listed solution.

I never finished the certification process on the old Visa Ready site

If you are in the midst of submitting a new solution, or have submitted the solution, or have uploaded all the requirements and are awaiting review and certification approval, you will need to restart the process and resubmit your solution again on the new Visa Partner site.

Contact the Visa Ready Team

Existing certified solutions

Existing certified solutions were migrated to the new Visa Partner site within your organization's partner directory page. If you would like to update and enhance your solution listing and partner page, please reach out to the Visa Ready team. Updating and enhancing your solution listing and partner page is not required.

Contact the Visa Ready team

What will show on your new dashboard

Existing certified solutions will not be visible within your dashboard when you are logged into the Visa Partner site. If you need access to the details of your pre-existing certified solution, please reach out to the Visa Ready team. *Note: Your solution will remain certified and listed on the partner directory.

Contact the Visa Ready Team

Applying for a new solution or program

Partners with existing certified solutions who wish to certify a new solution will be required to sign in and register their new solution as per the new process (similar to the old Visa Ready process but enhanced). Partners who wish to apply for a new program and submit a new solution for that program will similarly need to follow the required steps.

The new certification process

The certification process will remain similar in structure to the existing certification process within the legacy Visa Ready portal. However, we have enhanced the user experience and made it easier for you to see what actions you need to take. For details on the process, please visit our program page. 

Visa Ready Program