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Codebase enable Visa issuers and customers to launch digital-first, state-of-the-art neo-banking fintech propositions. Our innovative digital banking offerings support next-gen financial institutions to establish themselves as market leaders in the fintech space. Our digital solutions enable institutions to create and deliver intuitive digital experiences across the customer banking lifecycle.

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Neo-Challenger Open Banking APIs, Digital Account Opening & KYC, Banking-as-a-Service, Instant Card Issuance & Management, Digital Lending & BNPL, Instant Credit Risk Decisioning, Social Payments.


Digibanc Neobanking
Digibanc Digital Onboarding
Digibanc Instant Cards and Digital Lending
Digibanc Digital Payments


Digibanc Neobanking

Digibanc™ Neobanking is a robust, secure, and complete “digital bank-in-a-box” platform built for launching neo-banking propositions that provide operational and cost efficiencies across the enterprise.

The platform comprises of 500+ out-of-the-box, open banking compliant APIs that encompass the entirety of an institution’s digital neo-banking needs. Available in on-premise, cloud-deployed, or hybrid models, these features include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Onboarding & KYC
  • Instant Card Issuance & Management
  • Digital Payments & Transaction Management
  • Instant Personal Finance
  • Accounts Wallets & Deposits
  • Social Banking
  • Open APIs & Marketplace. 
  • Omni-Channel Customer Interfaces
  • Instant Credit Decisioning Engine
  • Digital Enablement & Integration Layer
  • Payment Processing & Connectivity
  • Loan & Finance Management
  • Product Factory
  • Enterprise Digital Backoffice
  • Automated Regulatory Reporting.
Solution Information:
  • Highly Modular Design
  • Cloud Ready Open Architecture
  • Embedded with Enterprise Grade Security
  • Scalable and Robust Connectivity Framework
  • Superior Performance and Reliability
  • Adherence to International and Local Regulations.
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Digibanc Digital Onboarding

Digibanc™ Digital Onboarding blends comprehensive identity and document management capabilities together with intuitively designed digital customer channels, providing organizations with a fully compliant, customer-centric digital onboarding experience.

Using Digibanc™ Digital Onboarding institutions can design, develop, and deploy an end-to-end digital customer onboarding experience that captures and verifies critical KYC data from any customer touchpoint. Our Digital Onboarding platform includes:

  • Omni-Channel digital customer onboarding
  • MRZ and OCR Scanning
  • Identity Document Forensic Analysis (170+ international ID documents supported)
  • AI-Based Selfie Matching and Liveness Test
  • Video and Assisted KYC
  • Multi-Biometric Validations
  • Integrated AML, Blacklist, Global Sanction, and PEP List Screening
  • Customizable, scenario-based KYC rules parametrization.
  • Available as APIs, SDKs, and as a Whitelabel App
Customer Acquisition as Speed:

An end-to-end digital onboarding solution that's fine tuned for reducing manual labor by eliminating physical signatures and complex paperwork. Customers can start investing in minutes, and back-office operations become more streamlined. All of this is achieved while adhering to local and international regulatory compliance frameworks and ensuring security and trust.

What This Means for Customers:

Customers are given the easiest, most simplified way to start transacting, and are provided the widest set of channel options to choose from. Digital Onboarding from Codebase Technologies takes the confusion and complexity out of those crucial first steps, ensuring customers are provided the best experience from start to finish.

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Digibanc Instant Cards and Digital Lending

The Digibanc™ Instant Cards and Digital Lending platform utilizes a powerful instant decisioning engine that automates credit risk analysis to provide financing decisions in real-time.

The platform streamlines the highly manualized process of credit-based decisioning, easing the operational complexity and turnaround time for fintechs, banks, and issuers.

About the Solution:
Digital Credit Card:
  • Instant Credit Risk Analysis
  • Instant Digital Card Issuance 
  • Parametrizable Card Customizations 
  • Seamless Wallet Integration
Click Virtual Credit Card Issuance:
Instant Digital Lending:
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Digibanc Digital Payments

The Digibanc™ Digital Payments suite equips and enables organizations across the BFSI sector with digitally-driven, customer-centric payments capabilities.

Digibanc™ Digital Payments provides institutions with cloud-deployable, white label technologies necessary to deliver intuitive, customer-centric, digital-first payment experiences. Our digital payments offerings include:

  • Instant Peer-to-Peer Social Payments
  • Mobile-Driven Bill Payments
  • International Remittances
  • QR Merchant Payments
  • Prepaid Card Topup and Payments
Digibanc SocialPay - White label mobile keyboard assisted payments platform:
Digital Payments Benefits:
Jumio's KYC solution with screenshots
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