PayxPos Tech Ltd

PayxPos is a leading Middleaesterian cloud-based Payment Platform. PayxPos's mission is to change how businesses pay and get paid with cutting-edge technology and unprecedented agility. we offer genuinely unifying, yet localized, end-to-end advanced payments solutions and embedded services tailored to the needs of businesses across the continent.

Partner Type

Visa Ready Certified



Tap to Phone



Payxpos TTP

Payxpos TTP

PayxPos is a Tap to Phone implementation which makes it easier for sellers to use the smartphones they already own to accept payments simply by downloading its application, Open the App, Enter the amount, Pass contactless Visa card near to mobile, the application will submit the required transaction and deduct required amount & Successful message will appear on the application so you can email to the client or using other method to share the receipt with client.

Solution Information


Type of Solution

Full SDK (meets all security requirements)


Tap To Phone


Hardware Compatibility
Compatible with all Mobile Devices

Operating System Compatibility
Android 10.0 and above

Security Capabilities


PIN - Yes
Receipts - Yes
Signature - No

Security Mechanism
Software Hardened Solution

Operating Countries