Prophius brings a mobile-first contactless payment approach to the storefront without extra hardware. Enabling commerce at the storefront in a clean, secure, fast, and fundamentally new way. Built for acquirers, fintechs and merchants.

Partner Type

Visa Ready Certified



Tap to Phone



PayContactless SDK

PayContactless SDK

The PayContactless SDK solution enables Acquirers, Payment Service Providers and Fintechs to build their SoftPos solutions. 

The SDK contains the functional and security features necessary for a SoftPos solution. The SDK together with the Prophius secure channel with monitoring and attestation controls provides robust features required for a SoftPos application.

Solution Information


Type of Solution

Partial SDK (defers security requirements)


Tap To Phone


Hardware Compatibility
Compatible with all Mobile Devices

Operating System Compatibility
Android 10.0 and above

Security Capabilities


PIN - Yes
Manual PAN Key Entry - Yes
Receipts - Yes
Signature - No

Security Mechanism
Software Hardened Solution

Operating Countries