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Your command center for risk and fraud decisions

Alloy is the command center for risk & fraud decisions, helping banks and Fintechs safely onboard more customers and mitigate fraud and financial risk.

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Fintech Connect: Identify Management, KYC and KYB
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Fintech Partner Connect: Onboarding

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Identify Management, KYC and KYB


Major product releases are communicated to clients via email or the Alloy Change Log, with minor or patch releases happening throughout the week as necessary. Our SaaS data is processed and stored by AWS US East region and we are SOC 2 Type 2 certified.


Alloy Onboarding is a cloud-based, SaaS product accessible from all operating systems.  Alloy currently operates in the USA, although we have the ability to expand globally while following local regulations.

Alloy Onboarding is an identity operating system that helps financial services companies quickly and safely onboard more customers, while mitigating fraud and financial risk.

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Alloy is a complete identity operating system for applications. The platform powers instant decisions for Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-money Laundering (AML), and fraud checks through customizable workflows that incorporate multiple data sources and rules to return a decision in less than 2 seconds. This creates a holistic view of your customer.

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Alloy screenshot of their onboarding tool analytics
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Card Issuance: Personal Finance Management

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Card Issuance

Security and Compliance

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