The Leading Employment Data Platform

Argyle provides companies with access to their customer's employment data in real-time. Argyle has the highest market coverage for user-permissioned (read: future proofed & user-friendly), continuous access to a user’s profile, employment, and income history.

Our customers grow their businesses by reaching new market segments (e.g., gig economy workers, federal employees), increasing operational efficiency through automated verification of income and employment, decreasing fraud with source data, and streamlining their user experience.


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Income and Employment Data Platform

Income and Employment Data Platform

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Verification of Income and Employment, Account Opening

Solution Information

  • Instant, automated verification of income, employment, and identity
  • Real-time, on-going access into income & employment data for underwriting
  • Automated direct deposit switching and wage allotment setup for loan repayment

Key Benefits

Streamline your underwriting, eliminate fraud, and make funding decisions instantly. Access your customer's employment records instantly with their consent - automating verification of income, employment, & identity, removing operational overhead, and eliminating fraud by leveraging from-the-source employment data.

Increase capture rates while improving customer experience. Increase capture rates by underwriting more customers (including gig economy workers and federal employees) with the most comprehensive employment record ecosystem to date. Streamline your customer experience by removing paystub uploads and other manual processes. 


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Value Added Services

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