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Modern servicing platform for scaling fintechs

Canopy is the most configurable loan management and servicing platform. Our API-first architecture ensures any brand can embed financial products, bring those products to market quickly, and support  those products with world-class service in a highly secure and compliant way. With Canopy’s real-time platform you can track the balances and transactions for each customer of your products and generate accurate statements for banks, credit bureaus, and regulators.

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Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect

Visa Ready


Fintech Partner Connect: Credit as a Service Infrastructure

Visa Ready: Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)


Canopy API
Canopy BNPL Solutions


Canopy API

Realtime system of record and rules engine for any credit, debit, or lending product.


Infrastructure (Credit as a Service)

Solution Information

Capabilities offered include:

  • Immutable System of Record 
  • Dynamic Retroactive Events
  • Real-time calculation 
  • Transaction level detail 
  • Developer friendly API & Docs
  • Metro2 fille and Data Furnishing 
  • Aging & Portfolio Reporting 
  • Statements 
  • Integrates into existing technology stack
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Canopy BNPL Solutions

Canopy provides modern servicing infrastructure for scaling FinTechs and Issuing banks. With Canopy you can launch BNPL products quickly and support them with world-class service in a highly secure and compliant way. Canopy’s immutable system of record provides universal data access in real time and reporting exports directly from Canopy’s platform. Canopy servicing platform reduces costs, increases flexibility, and accelerates time to market. Canopy’s product consists of the following:

  • CanopyAPI – The core of Canopy. A lightning fast and flexible servicing engine.
  • CanopyOS - A web-based Ops system for managing products and servicing accounts.
  • CanopyUI - Whitelabel our customer UIs or build your own using our UI components.
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Canopy Dashboard



Solution Information

Capabilities to support BNPL:

  • System Of Record
  • Processor Integrations
  • Compliance
  • Account Setup
  • Credit Reporting
  • Bank Reporting
  • Dispute Management
  • Escalations
  • CSR Interface
  • Statements
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