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Canopy allows you to easily manage credit, installment, or other more complex lending programs from a servicing and compliance perspective - whether newly launched or migrated from existing systems. Using Canopy, you can track balances and transactions for each customer of your product, both in real-time and historically. You can see how various policy and product changes would impact your customers, and readily generate compliance reports and minimize your risk with all real-time information always on hand.

Partner Type

Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect


Fintech Partner Connect: Infrastructure (Credit as a Service)


Canopy API


Canopy API

Realtime system of record and rules engine for any credit, debit, or lending product.


Infrastructure (Credit as a Service)

Solution Information

Immutable System of Record 

Dynamic Retroactive Events

Real-time calculation 

Transaction level detail 

Developer friendly API & Docs

Metro2 fille and Data Furnishing 

Aging & Portfolio Reporting 


Integrates into existing technology stack

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