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We are an OEM hardware solution provider for the Mobility market

Emsyscon Solutions designs, produces and markets hardware for the mobility market.  From complete products such as Mobile data terminals, on-board computers and ticket validation systems - including the contactless EMV payment component. We can assist you with some of our standard products, or you can opt for a complete custom design.


Visa Ready

EMV 3000

EMV 3000

The EMV3000 is a NFC contactless card reader, supporting ISO 14443 A&B cards, designed specifically for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems in public transport. It can also be widely used in devices such as vending machines, parking meters, toll gates, and more.

Solution Information

Components Included in Solution Terminal 
Visa Ready Mass Transit Models MTT, KFT

Terminal Details

Name and Version
EMV 3000
Terminal Uses Entry/Exit Terminal, Inspection Device
Back Office Compatibility
PPTexcellence Proxima, others


Visa Ready