As a Visa a global partner, we are currently focused on contactless EMV payments in the public transport sector

We work to bring positive changes in the world, improving the quality of people's lives like providing payment solutions focused on urban mobility and transportation infrastructure with debits directly on credit and debit cards, avoiding queues and minimizing our users' problems.

FASTPROBR platform allows transit operators to accept payment with contactless EMV card, phone, or smart device, performing journey constructions, fare calculation, risk management and payment processing.

PMS (Public Transport Operator Management System) back office

PMS is a component within a transit merchant’s systems (cloud or on premise) which processes contactless EMV taps received from transit readers according to Visa MTT (Mass Transit Transaction) payment model.

Please reach out for more information on our back office solution.

Solution Information

Version 2.0
Visa Ready Mass Transit models MTT
Components included in solution Back Office


Visa Ready


Back Office