Felix is at the forefront of payment innovation, with solutions that remove barriers for merchants and retailers to enter the payment ecosystem. Felix has created the industry’s first 100% cloud-based payment kernel infrastructure, bringing all the securitization and communication functionality of traditional terminals to the cloud.

Felix’s cloud-based payment technology eliminates the need for proprietary hardware giving our partners a vast array of payment options that drastically improve their consumer experience while lowering maintenance and implementation costs.  

Partner Type

Visa Ready


Tap to Phone

Tap to Pay

Felix.Terminal & Felix.Cloud



Felix.Terminal - V.1.2

Felix.Terminal is a SoftPOS mobile application that enables the NFC reader in COTS (Consumer Of The Shelf) devices to allow for contactless EMV payments without the need of a dongle or other device. It is certified to Visa's Tap to Phone product specifications.

Our Felix.Terminal solution has also been recognized as a Visa Ready certified Tap to Pay solution as it provides an optimal Tap to Pay experience to cardholders, in alignment with Visa's standards for contactless payment acceptance.


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Solution Information

Type of Solution
Full Solution / White Label

Tap To Phone


Hardware Compatibility
Broad compatibility with devices running Android OS

Operating System Compatibility
Android 7.0 and above

Security Capabilities

PIN - No
Manual PAN Key Entry - Yes
Receipts - Yes
Signature - No

Security Mechanism
Software Hardened Solution


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Industry-first, 100% cloud-based payment platform that provides turn-key EMV L2 and L3 certification for merchants, retailers and payment technology providers.


Please reach out using the "Contact Email" button above to get in touch and learn more!

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