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Personal Finance Management and Open Banking infrastructure in Latin America

Visa and Finerio Connect partner to provide in depth and easy access to Open Banking data, advanced data analytics and Personal Finance Management tools for issuers; combining the best of both the Visa Developer Center and Finerio Connect APIs to have these two services work seamlessly and via one single access point.

Partner Type

Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect
Visa Ready Certified



Card Management 


Open Banking API
Data Processing / Personal Finance Management Tools

Fintech Partner Connect: Open Banking API

Connect to supported institutions and receive cleaned and processed data via Finerio Connect’s all in one Open Banking API. 


Fintech Partner Connect - Account Opening

Operating Countries


Fintech Partner Connect: Data Processing / Personal Finance Management Tools

Single or multi-bank data cleaning, transaction processing / scoring, and personal finance management tools. Backend API and Frontend SDKs available.


Fintech Partner Connect - Card Management

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