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Fundbot offers an API & infrastructure that facilitates money movements between buyers, merchants, and financial institutions

Fundbot is an end-to-end IaaS helping banks, FinTech’s, financial institutions and large corporates automate their lending products and allowing non-financial institutions, digital marketplaces and B2B platforms to instantly embed and offer B2B lending products into their offering. Fundbot works as a modular technology, allowing our customers to design workflows according to country regulations and risk assessment We offer cloud based and on prem state deployment.

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Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect


New Payment Flows

Fundbot – etamweel


Fundbot – etamweel

Benefits of using Fundbot’s technology:

For The Banks & FIs

  • Access to new markets & financing opportunities
  • End to end automation for financing operations

For Non-FIs & B2B Marketplaces

  • Embed financing products to your suppliers and buyers
  •  Increase customer retention
  • Generate new sources of revenue

For Sellers & Buyers

  • Increase liquidity and reduce cash cycles
  • Automate payments
  • Get easy access to financial service

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