Compliance investigations and reporting solutions

We’re experts in financial compliance. This is a challenging practice area for financial companies of all sizes, from pre-launch Fintechs to large institutions. Our team of former regulators, compliance program operators, and policy makers built Hummingbird’s RegTech platform, and can help Visa Fintech Partner Connect members fight financial crime via case management tools & automated SAR filings.


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  • Collect all case information into one place
  • Research geographic locations, learn how subjects are connected, and explore financial data with powerful visualization tools
  • Simplify complex workflows, and provide relevant assistance throughout the investigations
  • Automate report preparation, including Suspicious Activity Reports and referrals to partners
  • Work securely with teammates, partners, other financial institutions within Hummingbird
  • Help compliance teams stick to policy by providing guidance during the investigation
  • Use automated reporting truly appreciated by examiners, law enforcement, and partner banks

Solution Information

Hummingbird provides compliance professionals with a streamlined case management platform that helps  manage cases in a fraction of the time. AML teams use Hummingbird to collect case information, conduct investigations, and report on what happened in a dramatically more efficient way. Hummingbird’s built-in SAR Filing is directly integrated with FinCEN for easy filing.


Fintech Partner Connect


Value Added Services

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