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Visa Ready Certified


Tap to Phone


iKhokha ToP


iKhokha ToP

The iKhokha ToP solution is an optional payment method as part of the iKhokha mobile payments application. Enrolment to use this method is only possible if the mobile device used has NFC capability, is running Android 9.0 or higher and has no security issues such as being rooted. The iKhokha ToP solution accepts PIN as a CVM for payments above thresholds. Please reach out to learn more about our solution.

Solution Information

Type of Solution

Full Payment or White Label App


Tap To Phone


Hardware Compatibility
Compatible with all Mobile Devices

Operating System Compatibility
Android 9.0 and above

Security Capabilities

PIN - Yes
Manual PAN Key Entry - No
Receipts - Yes
Signature - No

Security Mechanism
Software Hardened Solution


Operating Countries