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Visa Ready



LiveTransit is the BackOffice solution for transport operators to manage the following processes:

  • Refusal list management
  • Grouping of trips for collection
  • Trip assembly: tap-in & tap-out
  • Fare collection
  • Collection proposal to the payment gateway 
  • Automatic debt recovery attempts
  • Customer web portal to obtain trip, invoice and debt payment information
  • Audit of trip information
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Reports 

Solution Information

Version  N/A
Components Included in Solution Back Office
Visa Ready Mass Transit Models
Back Office (MTT): Supports New Card Check Yes
Back Office (MTT): Supports Deny List Management Yes
Back Office (MTT): Supports Deny List Management Yes
Back Office (MTT): Supports Debt Recovery Yes
Back Office (MTT): Supports Exception Handling Yes
Back Office (MTT): Supports Customer Service Yes
Back Office (MTT): Supports Acquirer Interface Yes


Visa Ready


Back Office