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Meniga is a digital banking platform that helps manage financial data and drive meaningful customer engagement

Meniga is pleased to be Visa’s preferred partner for the following enquiries from Visa clients, across APAC - digital banking, personal finance management, business finance management, data aggregation, open banking, data categorization and enrichment, carbon insights, financial management, mobile and digital banking platforms.

Partner Type

Visa Ready: Fintech Partner Connect


Fintech Partner Connect: Personal Finance Management


Fintech Partner Connect: Personal Finance Management, Customer Experience, User Engagement


Fintech Partner Connect: Personal Finance Management, Customer Experience, User Engagement

Meniga provides a framework for next-generation digital banking around advanced data consolidation and enrichment, meaningful and hyper-personalized customer engagement and new revenue opportunities for the bank.

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Personal Finance Management

Solution Information

  • Transaction Aggregation and Consolidation across multiple banks and accounts & user driven enrichment (tagging, split, comments, etc.)
  • AI enabled data enrichment with high accuracy of Categorization, Merchant Mapping, third-party data
  • Personal Finance Management with Saving Goals, Budgeting, Cashflow Projection, Challenges, Smart Rule based savings
  • Hyper-personalized Insights & Reports for engagement and user awareness of their financial health
  • AI driven user Segmentation based on unique spending patterns  
  • Comparison of finances with peers with similar demographics & Financial Profiles
  • Live analytics reporting across Meniga functionality for marketing and reporting


Deployed within Bank’s Infrastructure as a white-labelled solution with several integration points (Core Banking System, Card Systems, Payments Processors, etc.) and provides RESTful APIs to be consumed within Digital Banking channels.

Average timeline is four months for MVP solution implementation.

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