Ready-made flexible solution for contactless payments in public transport

We offer transport solutions as Software as a Service, in a PCI DSS certified environment, including the management of the entire system. It is fully compliant with the rules of VISA MTT (Mass Transit Transaction) and Mastercard PAYG (Pay as you go). The heart of the Switchio platform is transaction core that connects validators with EMV application inside vehicles and secure payment switch, which we can connect to any customer selected acquirer.


Visa Ready

Switchio Transport

Transit compliant independent payment platform with termial application for several hardware platforms, Back Office solution with transaction processing according Visa MTT rules and Payment Gateway with connection to several acqiurers able to operate worldwide 

Solution Information

Category Transit - Gateway
Visa Ready Mass Transit Models
Components Included in Solution Payment Gateway
Mass Transit API Yes 

Services and Support Information

Value Added Services Supported
Payment Account Reference API Yes
Acquirer Connections Supporting Transit 5


Visa Ready