Unlocking the World’s Behavioral Data

Neuro-ID’s mission is to unlock the world's behavioral analytics. With one JavaScript installation Neuro-ID will enable Visa partners to advance their Digital Transformation Strategy for uniquely measuring digital customer/applicant Intent + Experience. Neuro-ID’s Human Analytics™ have proven to effectively improve CX, reduce false positives, catch sophisticated fraud, and increase conversion.


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Behavior as a Service Platform

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Account Opening, Card Management, New Payment Flows.


U.S. and International - Our technology is location and language agnostic, due to our proprietary methods of collecting anonymous behavioral data, which does not include or depend on any historical data or personally identifiable information.


Neuro Attributes: Set of attributes available via API for real-time decisioning for fraud and CX.

Neuro Confidence Score: Fraud score based on Neuro-ID AI/ML models, available via API for real-time decisioning.

Friction Index® Dashboard: Aggregate and session-level reporting solution for viewing field-level behavioral end user interactions.

Solution Information

In addition to delivering real-time behavioral attributes and scores via API, Neuro-ID’s UI portal, or Friction Index® Dashboard, provides an interactive environment to explore and analyze behavioral data on an aggregate and individual session level.

Neuro ID's behavioral technology solution


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