Leveraging business outcomes via disruptive loyalty solutions

novae strives to enhance user engagement and loyalty through white-label, brand-agnostic, innovative solutions. The platform leverages disruptive technologies to provide superior user experiences grounded on Behavioral Economics, Conversational Banking, Payments Capabilities, Omnirole Solutions and The Loyalty Effect.


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Say ‘Hi’ to Milesblue, where loyalty matters.

A new super app. Built-in rewards and embedded finance for a connected world.

Solution information

Introducing Milesblue, a super app conceived to achieve unparalleled loyalty effect, combining all digital payment solutions into one holistic, powerful platform. The most comprehensive loyalty solution leveraging our universal Miles Digital Currency and smart payment capabilities through superior user experiences.


Unified rewards programs:  Combine multiple loyalty programs into one Super App allowing cardholders to seamlessly select and prioritize according to their preference.

Digital Currency:  Reward programs are converted into one single Digital Currency for cardholders to redeem balances at over 70+ million merchants around the world.

Limitless Marketplace: In-App shops at over 2,000 preferred merchants including Amazon, Apple, eBay, Microsoft, Walmart among others.

Voyage Connected World: 28+ million of travel booking options, including private member rates for flights, hotels, car rentals and activities.

Always-on UpperMiles: Users earn up to 10X when they shop or redeem on Milesblue– even when paying with rewards!

CryptMi: Earn and redeem miles switching to +80 cryptocurrencies.

Branded Benefits:  Automatic Travel Protection Benefits including no fees for rebooking or canceling flights, lost or stolen luggage protection, medical and dental emergency assistance, COVID-19 coverage, among other exclusive benefits.

Miles Care Program: Our revolutionary travel care solution, and always-on service, offers clients proactive coverage during travel, including COVID-19 protection, emergency medical assistance and instant funding and disbursements through our Miles Digital Card , in case of unexpected events during travel

Subscription Programs: Merchants will be able to access further benefits by upgrading to premium subscriptions packages providing non-traditional revenue opportunities for partners.

Payment Capabilities

Miles Card Issuing: Instantly issued virtual cards, or tokenized cards for digital wallets for cardholders to start redeeming immediately. Including dynamic spending control and real-time transaction authorization.

PayMi: Payment processing with instant payout Travel Protection Benefits for gig economy actors.

Pay as you wish: Redeem now and pay as you go with Milesblue Installment.

Switch & Split: Complete transactions with split payment by seamlessly combining Miles, credit or debit cards and crypto at any online and in-store merchant. Enabled post-transaction switch payment from credit or debit card to miles.

Contactless Split: Invisible split payment using all major e-Wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal and others. Tap more and touch less with contactless or proximity payments.

Buy Miles: Anytime with no limits. 

Transfer Miles: Show your love to friends and family by sharing your miles or donate them for a good cause.


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