Open Banking Reporting (OBR)

OpenRep provides predictive data analytics, with improved decision making and intervention strategies.

The solution OpenRep® provides a unique view of a lenders credit portfolio; simplifying management of SME loans via Management Signals and Next Best Actions and is displayed in a white-label portal or accessed via API. Through predictive data analytics powered by ML and AI, OpenRep® is able to, in real time, improve decision making and intervention strategies to enhance the business performance of relationship managers, underwriters/credit risk functions and SMEs. The OpenRep® solution focusses on the value that is locked up in accounting data which is the element of OpenRep® that brings new and fresh insights.


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OpenRep® enables lenders and SMEs to track and monitor their financial performance through the term of a loan and economic cycle. Our advanced analytics and robotic automation software called OpenRep®, which in real time, provides management insights and next best actions to enhance the business performance of lenders and SMEs.


  • Delivers up to date P&L, balance sheet, performance, liquidity and cash flow analysis
  • Delivers proactive insights to enable new opportunities
  • Improve operational efficiency and identify risks earlier
  • Geographic and sectorial analysis against the portfolio and peer firms
  • Supports TCF, provide consistent approach and audit trail
  • Reduce customer management costs and improve NPS scores


  • SMEs no longer evaluated using out-of-date, incomplete information
  • Helps the SME reduce bad debts and manage their supply chain
  • Issuers can understand the SMEs business and help optimise their borrowing


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