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The Pine Labs Pvt. Ltd. ePOS solution is a Contactless Payments on COTS solution allowing for the secure reading of contactless payment cards on an off-the-shelf Android device for payment transactions. Cardholder data is handled by the ePOS app, with the solution connecting to a monitoring and attestation server to validate the device platform, and a backend server for the processing of transactions before they are delivered to the Acquirer.

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Visa Ready


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ePOS V.2.0.0



ePOS V.2.0.0

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Solution Information

Type of Solution    
Full Solution/White Label 

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Hardware Compatibility
Android version 8 (Oreo) and above, Android SDK API version 26 and above, NFC capability, Security level: TEE or Strongbox, Hardware Key attestation, Google SafetyNet Attestation

Operating System Compatibility
Android 8.0 and above

Security Capabilities

PIN - No
Manual PAN Key Entry - No
Receipts - No
Signature - Yes

Security Mechanism
Trusted Execution Environment


Operating Countries