PLANETA is a Leading technology provider for AFC ecosystem.

Planeta Informatica has been an industry-leading SAM provider since 2003 and a leading provider of SW, SAM to AFC since 2002 with more than 200K SAM devices currently deployed, supporting 30 million users per day across LA. Planeta was created in 1991 by a group of researchers. We believe the use of standards is the only way to have an interoperable product and, a competitive behavior. In 2018, Planeta started collaborating with Visa to accelerate the EMV acceptance on mobility applications.


Visa Ready


The VSAM solution enables EMV acceptance on transit validators (with EMV Level 1 certified contactless reader) in a quick and secure way with easy implementation. 

The solution is based on a smart card module that has the VISA and other brands contactless Kernels inside. 

The VSAM can also provide part of the Payment Application, generating the final PAYLOAD and PAN HASH to be used for tokenization.

Solution Information

Version NA
Components included in solution Terminal
Visa Ready Mass Transit Models MTT, KFT
Name and Version VSAM, IUC160B
Terminal Uses Entry / Exit Terminal
Back Office Capability Fastprobr, Littlepay


Visa Ready