The next generation of POS financing

Skeps is the next-gen POS financing platform transforming the customer experience for merchants, banks, and consumers. Our platform allows merchants and their lending partners to provide financing for the widest range of transaction sizes and customer segments with one application. By creating a singular experience merchants and banks can serve more customers and reduce friction at checkout. 

Skeps is live with multiple leading banks and merchants, enabling small and large purchase decisions for diverse customer segments in many retail and small business markets.

About the Skeps Platform

The Skeps platform was built to address the unique needs of merchants and banks who want to offer their own branded BNPL and financing plans at Point Of Sale checkout (online and in-store) including Pay-in-4 and longer term installment loans.

Our leading-edge capabilities include customer pre-approvals, SKU level financing incentive management, multiple lenders without waterfall declines providing more approvals and a better consumer experience, and alignment with co-branded cards strategy. 

Our platform is “bank grade” and complies with all relevant banking regulations and consumer privacy standards. It can be configured to suit special needs in many banking and retailing verticals.


Visa Ready