A retail-fintech transforming the world of receipts.

At Slyp we are in the business of customer experience. We think it's crazy that you can pay with a smartphone but still receive a centuries old paper receipt. Traditional receipts are nothing but a burden to customers and outside of a proof of purchase, they provide no value to retailers or consumers. This usually results in receipts being "binned" which comes at a significant cost to the environment not to mention the lost opportunity for retailers and customers to connect.

That’s why we have invented the Slyp Smart Receipt – a revolutionary smart receipt delivered directly to your banking app.


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Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts

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Solution Information

Introducing a new world of smarter, greener receipts.

Simply pay with your bank card and automatically receive an itemised tax receipt inside your banking app at no extra cost to you. Better for the environment, and better for you.


A smart receipt is a tax compliant, easily accessible proof of purchase that lives directly in your banking app.

Slyp Smart Receipts are intuitive and interactive giving you immediate access to features including:

  • Return barcodes and reminders
  • Warranty reminders
  • Product information and product links
  • Opening hours and social media links for your favorite stores
  • Exportable PDFs of your receipts. 

Smart receipts make it easier to find your favorite products again, organize yourself for tax time and so much more.

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