Upstreet makes it easy to earn shares when you shop

Upstreet offers shoppers fractional share rewards with every eligible purchase at a range of Australian and international brands.

By facilitating a share reward program, we:

  1. Assist companies in achieving “True Loyalty” with their customers, leading to improved sales.
  2. Provide an easy, smart and exciting way for customers to earn shares as they shop, at no extra cost.


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Upstreet Mobile App and Google Chrome Extension

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Solution Specifications

Solution Version

Upstreet Application (version 1.3.1) for iOS and Android

Upstreet Google Chrome Extension (version 1.0.6)

Solution Information

With Upstreet, individuals can earn fractional share rewards by shopping with over 200 eligible brands. Currently, Upstreet offers a range of different solutions:

1. Share rewards

  • Customers earn shares from the companies where they make purchases, either online or in-store.
  • Upstreet is available as a mobile application for iOS, Android and Google chrome extension
  • Company’s sales increase, as customer loyalty increases.

2. On-Product rewards

  • Allows customers to scan a product using their cell phone, e.g., scanning a bottle of wine. Customers then earn shares with every scan.
  • Company now “knows” who is their end consumer, as they can see who scanned their product.

3. Employee share rewards

  • Upstreet facilitates rewarding employees with share rewards from the companies where they work.
  • Shares are purchased by Upstreet from the open market.
  • Rewards can be given for many events, e.g., work anniversaries, employee referrals.
  • Employee share rewards lead to improved employee performance and retention.

Independent research shows that customer share rewards can increase sales. Customer stockholders:

  • Purchase 34% more products from that company
  • Purchase 30% more frequently from that company
  • Are 33% less likely to buy from competitors
  • Have a better sentiment towards the company (e.g., higher NPS)


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