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Add Flexible Benefits, Choice of Loyalty and new functions to existing cards

Verrency enhances the Visa value proposition for cardholders by giving card issuing banks the ability to create flexible and dynamically personalised payment products. In addition, Verrency acts as a distribution channel for Visa benefits and Loyalty products.

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Fintech Partner Connect: Verrency Personalized Benefits Platform


Fintech Partner Connect: Verrency Personalized Benefits Platform



Solution Information

Verrency acts as a SaaS platform provider with a number of different integration options with Visa and with Visa Issuing Banks. “Verrency enables cardholders to dynamically choose their own card benefits, and change these over time. For example, cardholders can dynamically choose to be rewarded for their loyalty with bank reward points, cash-back or with loyalty points / miles from a number of major loyalty and frequent flyer schemes and swap at any time. Issuers can segment and tier customers with different loyalty propositions and reward options.

Add new capabilities to existing cards, including

  • Transaction round-ups to savings, investments or charities
  • Carbon-offset of card purchases
  • Pay with reward points at the point of sale
  • Merchant funded offers (including real-time cash-back)
  • Personalised Card Value Proposition

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