Visa Acceptance Cloud

We simplify payment acceptance


Visa Acceptance Cloud (VAC) is a payment acceptance solution powered by cloud. In addition to the kernels residing in the cloud, VAC also supports capabilities such as Application Selection, Monitoring and Attestation, and Fraud detection. Furthermore, since the kernels in the cloud are built and hosted by Visa, partners do not have to built, certify or manage the kernels. 


Partner Type

Visa Ready Certified



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Visa Acceptance Cloud

Visa Acceptance Cloud
Solution Information


Type of Solution

Full SDK (meets all security requirements) 


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Hardware Compatibility
Android devices, including phones and tablets, running supported versions post Android 8

Operating System Compatibility
Android 8 and above

Security Capabilities


PIN - Yes
Manual PAN Key Entry - No
Receipts - Yes
Signature - Yes

Security Mechanism
Secure Element 

Operating Countries