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For Visa issuing clients and partners: Discover, connect, and launch with innovative digital solutions, faster and at lower cost.

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Key benefits

  • Contract directly through Visa and use VIK funds for selected partners via the Visa reseller program
  • Benefit from comprehensive Visa risk assessment to accelerate onboarding and due diligence
  • Joint Visa/ partner solutioning and product positioning
  • Dedicated Visa account manager for each partner to assist in negotiations and challenges


The Visa Fintech Partner Connect programme in Europe takes a more hands on approach to offer solutions that solve fundamental needs for Visa's clients. Having identified business and consumer pain points, the Fintech Partner Connect team has curated a suite of best-in-class solutions that enable Visa's clients to quickly implement innovative features into their portfolios. Our Partners are able to open new use cases, provide returns for the Visa clients and advance engagement across a cardholder’s digital account journey. Fintech Partner Connect specialises in 5 areas: Alternative payment credential form factors, Merchant Digitalisation, Financial health and control, SME Financial Management, and Sustainability.

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The Visa Ready certification program helps technology companies build and launch payment solutions that meet Visa's global standards around security and functionality.

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