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In a world where people are embracing speed, security and convenience in public transit, Visa is committed to delivering a seamless journey to riders with contactless payments.

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Partnership opportunities

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Visa’s Transit Program might be the program for you if you: 

  • Are ready to build solutions to improve the transit experience 
  • Have already built a solution and want Visa Ready’s certification 

  • Have a technology team ready to get access to standards and specifications for certification 

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Work with a Visa Ready partner 

 Working with a certified transit partner might be for you if you: 

  • Are a transit or urban mobility agency who can’t develop solutions on your own 
  • Want a ready-made solution you can add to your consumer-facing experience 

  • Want help from solution providers who have certified solutions ready to launch 

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Program benefits

The future is becoming increasingly urban and mobile

  • City dwellers are likely to make up 68%* of the world population by 2050
  • Urban populations are increasingly looking to public transportation to help move within cities

  • 27%** of consumers in major cities state they would use public transportation more if it was easier to pay

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Mass Transit rider benefits

  • High transaction speeds are critical to getting riders in and out of public transit systems. 

  • Visa’s Mass Transit Transaction (MTT) framework enables public transit agencies to perform multimodal ticketing. 

Transit agency benefits

  • Implementation of multimodal ticketing has been shown to “get riders in and out of public transit systems faster.” 

  • Faster ticketing can lead to enhanced rider access to transit which could help reduce the cost of fares.  

Certification process

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submit solution certification requirements for review and certification approval.

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